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Your Code Name is Jonah


Edward Packard








Paul Granger (original) Don Gabriel (reissue)

Your Code Name is Jonah was a Choose Your Own Adventure book released in 1980.

Plot SummaryEdit

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Publication historyEdit

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Official descriptionEdit

Will You Succeed In This Dangerous Mission?

You are a clever American spy. Your code name is Jonah. On a special mission to Deception Island of the coast of Greenland, you discover a secret of worldwide importance. But-for reasons you'll understand when you read the story-it may be dangerous to reveal this secret to anyone!
What will you do? If you decide to bo loyal and tell the U. S. Government, turn to p. 88. If you decide to play it safe and keep the secret to yourself, turn to p. 89.

Cover GalleryEdit

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